xyz is for xeriscape yukon river zones

Yukon River basin image @nasahqphoto

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X is for Xeriscape

  1. No fertilizer.
  2. Saves water.
  3. Low Maintenance.
  4. Saves money.
  5. Get a plan.

Y is for Yukon River

  1. Largest river in North America.
  2. Longest and important salmon run in North America.
  3. Longest wooden ladder for salmon in North America.
  4. Home to Chinook salmon for the fry’s first year.
  5. The name Yukon means white water river. And the glacial silt does make the waters of the river look white.

Z is for Zones

  1. Epipelagic or Euphotic zone
  2. Mesopelagic or Twilight zone
  3. Bathypelagic or Midnight zone
  4. Abyssopelagic or The Abyss
  5. Hadalpelagic zone

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