t is for tuna and teds

image Jeremy Bishop @tentides

Listen to T is for Tuna and TEDs here or download from iTunes or Google Play. If you want to read the full transcript, head to my Conservation blog.

T is for Tuna

In the first half of the program,  I dish tuna in sushi bars and help you answer the question, Should you eat tuna? I share Best Choices, what Mission Blue, Sylvia Earle, and Hope Spots have to do with tuna. And how tech, innovation, and aquaculture are working together to create a solution for the future of tuna.

T is for TEDs

In the second half of the program, I explain what a TED is, why you should care, and where to buy the best damn Louisiana white shrimp from a shrimper who practices best catch methods to leave to turtles alive and in the oceans where they belong.

Show Notes

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