Welcome to Episode 0 of Green Fish Blue Oceans, the podcast where stories about seafood are good for you and the oceans.

I’m Maureen Berry, Kentucky-based sustainable seafood advocate, author of the cookbook Salmon From Market To Plate, nature photographer, book-lover, wire fox terrier lover and wait for it, professional nap-taker—yeah, I never thought I’d confess to that!

So what is Green Fish Blue Oceans podcast?

Buying the right seafood is more complex than ever, but with a few guidelines, you’ll be on your way to becoming a seafood-phenom. On each fifteen minutes episode, I’ll talk about a different species from A to Z, including both common and under loved fish. For each species, I’ll share shopping and cooking tips, recipe ideas and explore the sustainability and traceability of that fish. You’ll find out who is catching or farming that fish and how it gets from the boat or farm to your plate.

Maybe you want to know whether you should buy fresh, frozen, wild or farmed seafood?

Don’t worry. I got you covered.

Eating seafood that is good for you and the oceans is easier than ever. Just listen in for fifteen minutes every other week. You’ll be a sustainable seafood-phenom before you know it.

Now you might be asking, Hey Maureen, why I should care about all this?

Because your choices and actions impact the future of our oceans and planet.

And our oceans and planet need your help today.

When we care about something, we act.

So what action can you take?

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That’s it for now, seafood lovers. Thanks for listening. Episode 1, A is for Arctic Char and Anchovies will be in your earbuds soon.


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